IThere are many different types and brands of AEDs for sale, at various price levels. Here in La Porte County, we encourage community members to join the AED Collective if they plan to purchase a device by following the guidelines and recommendations below.


Strongly consider purchasing the Physio Control Lifepak 1000 Defibrillator model of AED. This is the same model that La Porte County EMS ambulances use, and the same model our local AED Collective, with support from The Foundation, purchases for various locations in need. Having the same model makes it easier for Emergency Responders in our county to provide fast, efficient care because they don’t have to change out wires or leads when the patient is transferred to an ambulance.


Per Indiana state law, someone in your facility must employ at least one person who has completed and passed a course approved by the American Heart Association or American Red Cross, and who is currently certified in CPR and AED use.


Register your device with the manufacturer. This is very important so you can be notified of recalls or product changes. Contact technical support for your device before getting started, so you know how to use it.


Register your device with La Porte County EMS. This is very important so local first responders know what is out there, and so you can more efficiently maintain your device. Registration is FREE. Click HERE to register.


Develop a maintenance plan for your AED, and follow it!

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